Relaxed portrait photography for business

At Matt Wain Photography we are commissioned to photograph a wide variety of different portraits in a multitude of different locations.

The one thing all headshots and corporate business portraits have in common is the need to get the subject to relax. We call upon our experience to put people at their ease in front of the camera,

so they look friendly, approachable and professional for your marketing material. Please give us a call to talk through your requirements.

Let the DNA of your business shine through

When people are relaxed and happy having their corporate portrait taken it shows. Our client wanted an engaging new style for a new area of their

business - it's a serious business with heart, with people at the heart of it.

Putting people at ease in front of the camera, capturing both the essence of a business and the people who work for it, is what we do.

Natural relaxed commercial business portraits

We regularly photograph relaxed, natural portraits of this London financial services client’s new starters to match their existing visual identity. We split each shoot into two sets, so for each subject we generate a relaxed corporate portrait and a reportage 'meeting' shot, giving them and the marketing/PR department a choice of shots for each employee. Give us a call for corporate portraits to match your visual style – or let us help to create a new one. 

Let us help engage your audience - call us for a chat


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