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Capturing great architectural photography is mostly about aesthetics, light, and timing. Understanding the building and how it works within its environment and the light it absorbs and reflects allows us to capture the business' or architect's vision of the building. At Matt Wain Photography we have the patience and vision to make buildings and interior spaces look fantastic. Give us a call.

Commissioned by a bespoke kitchen and furniture design company we photographed interiors for many of their built environments. Creatively designed for architecturally stunning homes in London and the South East, we produced a showcase library of interior and exterior

architectural images of each home, which the client used for

beautiful ads and editorial content. 

This architectural image of escalators was shot as part of a series our client commissioned to showcase a location for hire in Barcelona, Spain. Usually busy with people, we shot several of the main areas at sunrise to demonstrate the space. If you’d like to talk through an architectural commission, then please get in touch.

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