Creative conference and event photography

Capturing ‘the’ moment at awards is paramount, so good communication with the organiser and anticipating what’s going to happen, when, is key. It sounds obvious, but it can be tricky at a crowded and busy corporate event. Photographing at this awards dinner in London, Matt caught the moment this attendee won and captured the look of happiness and excitement in his face – and of those around him. We love corporate event photography – discreetly capturing the moments our clients celebrate success. Give us a call to cover your next event.

This client commissioned two photographers to cover speeches, group shots and the overall essence of their special corporate event at London’s Guildhall. The client asked us for creative, engaging photography for social media and gave us free reign. This image is one, which captured the grand nature of the prestigious event. If you’d like photography that’s a bit different for your next corporate event, let us know.

Event photography is about not being noticed. Blending into the crowd and becoming part of the conference or event. This shot - taken on location in London for our corporate client - was photographed at a yearly event catering for several hundred attendees. Using flash to freeze the subject and a little movement in the background helps focus the attention on the smiling subject.

Creative discreet event photography

Natural creative event photography

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