Annual report shots and board meeting photography

Photographing board meetings can be tricky and capturing shots with as little impact on proceedings is important. We have years of experience sitting in on important meetings without interrupting things whilst capturing great photographs for you media requirements.


We quite often stage meetings or allow a few minutes of downtime within an existing meeting purely for the purposes of generating friendly approachable shots for marketing. We can then get people to talk holidays, the weather and keep things a little bit more upbeat than perhaps they were during the scheduled meeting.

A construction industry client asked us to photograph a series of training workshops and meetings for a marketing campaign. With the attendees briefed we were able to capture dynamic portraits of the various meeting in progress without disturbing the trainers or the attendees and the client got a great selection of images for their campaign. Let us know how we can help with photography of your meetings.

For this advertising client's annual report, we shot portraits of key people, with the shots created in camera to leave room for the report's design, layout and copy. This meeting was staged in a small break-out room on location at their offices in London.

We also sat in on their board meeting, during a break, to generate casual business shots alongside industrial location photographs and individual portraits.

Creative photography - meeting portraits for business

Boardroom photography and creative portraits

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